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The Tam Monro & Turtle
The Tam Monro & Turtle
The Tam Monro & Turtle
The Tam Monro & Turtle

Monro & Turtle

The Tam | Monro & Turtle


There are so many reasons to love Monro & Turtle, but one of the main reasons we love them is that each of their pieces is unique and has its own story. Read their description below to find out what story belongs to this jacket! The red patterns on this jacket are so beautiful. Remember, these are all one-of-a-kind!! 

From Monro & Turtle:

Please note that all our jackets are vintage and handmade and therefore may contain perfect imperfections. Slight marks and differences in surface colour and texture are an inherent characteristic of our jackets. The odd bead may have been lost along the way. They should not be mistaken for faults. Part of their charm is that they are unique and each tells their own individual, exclusive story.

Our sizes are a rough estimate and our larger jackets still look fabulous on smaller frames. Our models are 5'7''.