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Giving pre-loved clothing a
completely new life.

First things first:
Fast fashion hurts

it's the 2nd most polluting industry

The fast fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, only second to oil. It is also responsible for approximately  10% of the worlds carbon emissions, and one of the largest consumers of water. It is also one of the main ocean pollution contributers.

most of it ends up
in landfill

Did you know that 80-90% of the clothes that get donated to second hand stores end up in landfill, not to mention the crazy amount of clothes people throw out each year? What's even more shocking is that 95% of all clothes that end up in landfill could be recycled; and clothes made out of synthetic materials like polyester can take up to 200 years to decompose. 

societies around the world are suffering

The workers in the main players in garment production such as Bangladesh and Vietnam are making an average of 220 dollars a month! Not only are the wages astronomically low, but these workers are also exposed to toxic chemicals that can cause long term disease and reproductive issues.

We need to take action

It's so amazing to see more sustainable brands these days using eco-friendly materials, and producing ethically. But what do we do with all the existing waste from the fashion industry?

Simply donating our clothes to a charity or re-selling them at consignment stores is not enough. Unfortunately, only 10-20% of  the approximate 200 million tons of these clothes get sold. So most of them end up in landfill anyway!

We think this is because of the stereotypes that people have towards 'second-hand' clothing. It just doesn't sound as luxe as buying something new.

 We want to change the fashion industry for the better, but we still want to be fashionable. 

That's why we want to take up-cycling to the next level and re-invent what it means to buy second-hand clothing.

we're taking up-cycling to the next level

We decided we needed to give pre-loved items a completely new look if they're going to be loved again. We take the material of pre-loved clothing and create entirely new garments out of it.

Take a look at the top in the picture. It used to be a blazer and skirt. Isn't that amazing!?

This way we don't produce new waste. We want to minimise what ends up in landfill as much as possible, by using what already exists.

Any leftover material is donated directly to local charities or non-profit organisations that are committed to making sure none of it goes to waste.

How it works

You Donate

Send us your donations or drop them off at our office in Vancouver, Canada. If you're sending your donations, we'll pay for shipping. In return you'll get store credit to use on our online store.

We Select

We look through the donations and filter out the clothing we can use. Any unused clothing will be given to local charities or non-profit organizations. 

We Create

We create new garments using the material of the donated clothing. To make one new garment we use at least 2 or 3 different materials. Each garment is completely one-off and unique.

Donate your pre-loved clothing to the edge

Give your pre-loved clothes a new life by donating to The Edge, and you'll get store credit in return. We'll use the material to create new, one-off items. By donating, you're taking a stance against fast fashion and saying YES to reducing the amount of clothes that end up in landfill!