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Sustainability & Ethics

We work with brands that are committed to making sustainable fashion THE way to do fashion. This means we work with brands who have implemented, or are implementing, the changes needed to make their products and business as sustainable as possible.

We know that nothing can be 100% sustainable. Expecting perfection isn't realistic, but we do expect effort.

We're human and sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes brands are just starting out and need to use some non-recycled cardboard boxes that their neighbour gave them for free. Or maybe a brand recently switched to 100% organic cotton for all of their new pieces, but some of their older items still contain non-organic cotton. Does this mean we should completely ignore them?

Everyone is at a different stage in their sustainability journey. Just because a person or a brand isn't doing everything perfectly, it doesn't mean they're not passionate or committed to the greater cause. Change takes time.

That's why we ALWAYS talk to the brands before working with them. We want to hear their story and passion for sustainable fashion. 

Honestly, that's when it becomes pretty obvious which brands are really committed to sustainability and which ones are using it as a marketing tool.

The brands that are passionate for change are taking every action possible within their resources to be sustainable. These are the kinds of brands we love to work with.

This includes brands that have already implemented sustainable processes in every aspect of their business. However, it could also include brands that are in process of becoming fully sustainable, but are committed and have a strategy in place.

We want Adeera to be a platform that encourages a shift in perspective and a change in behaviour, so this means we're going to support brands that are still on their journey.

I mean, we're not perfect either. We're on our own journey towards a fully sustainable life as well. But, we're trying our best and are constantly making improvements.

That's how we'll make change that lasts.