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Good Krama | Brand Profile

Good Krama Chivy Body Suit
Good Krama was founded by Katia. She was inspired to start a sustainable clothing brand after visiting Cambodia, where she witnessed first hand the devastating impacts that fast fashion had on the local community. Armed with a business and fashion background, she created Good Krama. This ethically conscious fashion label is inspired by Krama, a Cambodian textile. 
Krama is a traditional Cambodian silk or cotton scarf made of thousands of tiny squares. Each of Good Krama's pieces are created using either Krama, or upcycled material from leftover garments of local factories.
They are passionate about slow fashion and emphasize transparency. They've created a lifecycle analysis for each of their garments, to track your eco impact - they show you how much you saved in water, carbon dioxide emissions, and how much material was diverted from landfill compared to buying a new piece of clothing from a fast fashion brand. Learn more about Good Krama's sustainable impact.
"Krama reflects the tumultuous history of Cambodia: a patchwork of contrasting hues, of darkness and light. Used in hundreds of different ways by people of all socio-economic backgrounds, the krama materializes the balance between function and esthetics." - Good Krama