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Dolores Haze | Brand Profile

Dolores Haze


Dolores Haze was created by Samantha Giordano based in NY. With degrees in Sociology and Design, she is driven creatively by the philosophy of post-structural theory, specifically in re-examining the subversive meaning of the 1955 literary character Lolita and the dichotomy that exists in our understanding of the feminine.


"Confidence is an act of rebellion in a culture that demeans women's worth by defining femininity by appearances and passivity. If equality is to become reality, we must challenge the narrative of ascribing gender to traits like assertiveness, power, and success!" - Dolores Haze


Samantha believes that feminist fashion is ethical fashion. She makes sure each piece is created using either vintage or sustainable textiles that are sourced from immigrant small business owners, and works only with immigrant women-run factories. Dolores Haze donates 10% of the proceeds from the Feminist capsule collection to Planned Parenthood.


"The duality of appearing hyper-feminine, yet possessing an undercurrent of darkness, continues to inform our brand's aesthetic." - Dolores Haze


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