We design each garment in-house. 

For our first collection we worked with local sewers in Vancouver, Canada to create the patterns, fittings and samples. They believed in our vision, and our designs. We're so grateful they helped us bring our designs to life.

For our upcoming designs we’re working with a production partner in downtown Vancouver. We still design all of the pieces, but they help us with the pattern creation, fittings and samples. Our partner has a lovely team of expert silk sewers, that are given a comfortable, safe work environment and fair compensation. We visit their facilities as much as the pandemic restrictions allow. We have fittings almost once a week either in-person or over Zoom. What we love about our production partner is that they’re all about the details, fit, and quality. We’re all obsessed with fit, and we don’t stop until we get it right. This process can take up to 6 months for one design! 


In the fashion industry, it's considered the “norm” for brands to estimate how much of a collection they’re going to sell. They will produce their estimated amount and sometimes a little more to have the inventory ready beforehand. On many occasions they don’t sell it all, and end up ‘destroying’ the inventory rather than donating. Destroying in this case means burning it or sending it to landfill. In North America, about 25 billion tons per year of textile waste is sent off to landfill. We won’t be part of that statistic.

That’s why we do small batch production, and won't produce more until it's sold through! 

All garments are produced in Canada, where Adeera is based. 

Any questions on our design & production process? Reach out to us here, we’re always happy to provide more information!