The 001 

001 size guide
The measurements are based on bra size.

The 001 was our most difficult and satisfying challenge. You want the fit to be snug so it hugs the girls in for the most flattering and comfortable look. If you’re in doubt or between sizes, size down as you can always adjust at the side.

There is no stretch to this silk fabric but this is accommodated by the side tie bow - you are able to tighten or loosen based on your desired fit. For extra comfort and stability we also added a hidden loop and button closure on the bow side. This will also help you to hold the top in place so you can tie it to your desired fit.

We’ve also added boning to the right side seam to give the top stability and fit control. It fits like a dream!

The 002

002 size guide
The 002 fits best on the tighter side. If you’re between sizes it’s best to size down. We’ve added a hidden loop and button closure at the front to keep the top in place so you don’t need to feel like you’re going to have a nip slip.

The 002 features boning at the center front, side seams and back to add structure and hold. This gives the top the most flattering feel.

The 003

003 size guide
The 003 fits true to size. It features boning at the side seam to keep the fabric in place on the body and give structure to the delicate fabric.

The 004

The 004 fits true to size. This extra flattering skirt shapes the body perfectly and sits right in that sweet spot on the waist. Keep in mind the fabric doesn’t stretch, so if you’re in between sizes we suggest sizing up.

The 005

The 005 fits true to size. It is so flattering on all body types. It has been fit to perfection to cinch in the waist and add an elevated element to so many looks!

The 005 features boning on all seams that curve to the natural shape of the body and help to hug everything in for a structured, and flattering fit.