Good Krama Launches Summer Collection '19: Mirages

Good Krama launches their summer '19 collection on crowdfunding platform Ulule

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Today we're letting you know about Good Krama's new summer collection, Mirages! They're one of our Adeera Family members, and we couldn't be more excited for them. 

About Mirages:

"This summer, desert hues meet nautical themes as we embark on a journey to expose the reality between fresh water scarcity in the world and water overconsumption in the fashion industry. We introduce men and womenswear with styles that blend artisanal luxury with every day contemporary designs for the conscious consumer in you.

This collection includes a limited edition series “Mini Bee” which aims to raise awareness on honeybee conservation. 5% of all profits from this series will be donated to Nature Wild Foundation to help preserve their natural habitat."

Watch their collection video:

Good Krama Mirages Video

Mirages Pre-order Campaign

Good Krama launched their pre-order campaign for this collection via the Ulule crowdfunding platform on Monday February 18th, and it'll be running until March 22nd. Their goal is to reach 100 orders in 30 days. Let's support them!

"We think there are better ways to preserve resources in the fashion industry and we have data to prove it. Our low impact fabrics and processes require little water to exist and pre-orders allow us to use them only as needed. We want to empower our customers to understand the impact they can have with each purchase!"

The offers:

  • 15% off all orders from March 1st
  • Orders ship worldwide.

Good Krama Mirages

What do you think of their new summer collection? We think it's amazing that they're doing a pre-order campaign, because this way they don't waste any resources. Not to mention their clothes are so cute!

Should all sustainable brands be doing a pre-launch strategy when launching their collections? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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