Beginners Guide to Sustainable Fashion

     It’s difficult to fathom completely changing the way you buy. When you’ve been buying a certain way all your life, it’s going to take practice to change those habits, just like starting a new diet…ugh. Most of us go to the store yes, in search of something that will make us feel like we can conquer the world, but also we search for something that fits within our budget. Unfortunately, sustainable fashion doesn’t exactly have the best reputation for being budget friendly. However, we think that’s false advertising. And whether you’re shopping within a budget, or you just want to shop smarter, we have the beginners guide to sustainable fashion. Hopefully we can make your new sustainable diet a little easier to break into.

One - Shop Locally 

     First of all, shopping locally is one of the most convenient ways to buy sustainable. Not only are you shopping in your home town but you’re also supporting local entrepreneurs trying to make a difference in their community, and we’re all about power through support. This could mean shopping at your local vintage store or searching for pieces made locally by designers. 

Two- Bring your current clothes new life

     I absolutely loveeeeeee this! I’m definitely not the only one who used to cut up their clothes as a kid and try to turn them into something trendy my mom wouldn’t let me buy. Sometimes as we grow, we forget that taking something old and getting creative with it can be such a good release, and who knows you might end up with something amazing! It can even be something as simple as cutting up your jeans into shorts or turning an old baggy shirt into a crop. Trust me, you don’t have to be Karl Lagerfeld to turn an old piece of clothing into something fun, just embrace your inner child and let loose.

Three- Shop Vintage/Thrift

     Vintage shopping to some can seem daunting, and its understandable, sometimes among the bins and the never ending rails of clothing it can seem like it’s just not worth it. I’m not going to lie, some days it’s not, and the gem your looking for just isn’t there. However, for the times you do find the gems its very worth it, there’s no feeling like finding that piece you’ve been looking for, and piece of mind for knowing you’re contributing to shrinking waste. The real trick is, mindset. You need to go in knowing that you’re going to spend time sifting through a lot of crap. Embrace the journey, and I promise the gems will come. 

Four - Research 

     Sustainable brands are becoming more and more popular as we’re becoming more aware of our effect on the planet. These brands gain a bad rap for being limited in option and lacking style. However, in the coming of age, this is not the case. There are hundreds of sustainable brands, and with the fabric options these days you don’t need to compromise your style. We’re making it our mission to provide you with sustainable brands all in one spot so you don’t need to compromise your style. After all, if its just as easy to shop slow and fashionable as it is to shop fast, why wouldn’t you, right?

     We need to make an effort to change the connotation behind sustainable fashion. Yes, it may have started out with limited options of the hippie chic variety, but in recent years there have been a boom of sustainable brands trying to change that. However, it’s our support for these brands that are really going to take the sustainable fashion world to the next level. The more support, the more money for research, and the more options we’ll get, it’s as simple as that. We need to fight past the laziness that drives us to the fast fashion stores like Zara and H&M, and think about where our money is going and how it will affect the future. Just because we can’t see the effects of supporting fast fashion, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. As we’ve preached before, we’re not expecting anyone to be perfect, nor should you. But what we should come expect from ourselves and everyone else is a conscious effort to make a change for the better. I hope these tips guide you in the right direction, happy shopping! 

October 14, 2018 — Shannon Hall

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