#AdeeraWomen ep.1: 5 inspiring women challenging the fast fashion industry

Hey beautiful, 

Welcome to #AdeeraWomen Episode One!

This is a new segment of our blog where we'll be introducing some inspirational women who are advocates of sustainable fashion. We created this series because we really believe in supporting and lifting each other up. There's not enough of that in the world!! 

So, let's kick start this series, and bring together some kick-ass women out there!


Nora Aurelia

Nora Aurelia

It’s always inspiring to see a project born out of passion, and that’s exactly what Nora Aurelia has done. She’s turned her passion into something really valuable. Nora began the melody of style during of a time of inspiration in her life. She started to read about others who were successful in their careers and it made her think hard about what her goals we’re. As a small girl she loved picking out costumes and putting together outfits, combining colours, textures, and shapes together. She realized that at 25 this is still her passion. Thus the melody of style was born. Her goal for this project is to show the world how beautiful, fun, and sexy sustainable fashion and living can be, and hopefully inspire others to find their own conscious melody of style. We definitely feel the inspo, and love that her Instagram features everything from conscious brands to her day to day musings. 

"Turning your wardrobe into an ethical and sustainable one takes time and doesn’t happen over night. So don’t stress yourself with bad feelings thinking you are not doing it the right way! Everyone has its own pace, own rhythm, own melody. The most important thing is that it feels right for YOU!" - Nora

Instagram: @themelodyofstyle


Keira Mason

Keira Mary

Kiera is a content creator for conscious brands, which of course we love! But, more than that she is on a mission to create a community where creative expression and emotion are welcome and encouraged. This sentiment is so necessary today, we live in such a work driven world we need to be able to step back and have open conversations and find realize in expression.  Kiera’s blog features posts from conscious style tips to her travels and everything in between. Her free expression is evident in her posts and, you can really feel her down to earth vibe making her blog so easy and alluring to read! Her Instagram features the same fun down to earth vibe and you can feel her emotion from her gorgeous smile :) Keep sharing girl we love it!

"Right now, my life is simple, slow and sustainably minded. I do my best best to respect our planet and those who we share it with through simple sustainable lifestyle habits and purchasing ethically." - Keira

Blog: Keira Mason Instagram: @Keiramary_


Kara Ladd


Kara is a brand consultant, writer and blogger for sustainable brands. She's all about mindful, sustainable living, and doing this all with a smile on your face. If you scroll through her account, you'll feel her positivity resonate through her posts. Her message is about starting with self love before anything else. This is something we really need to hear in this day and age, where it's so easy to compare ourselves to others and criticize ourselves. A synovial sarcoma cancer survivor, she is filled with strength and a zest for life. Babe, we love your strength and positivity!! 

"Every thought holds a potent energy and vibration. What if you elevated that energy inside your being with nourishing, positive thoughts of love and gratitude rather than sulking in self-criticism, doubt, and fear. Recognize when you have these low vibration thoughts and feelings. We all have them. Hell, I have them every single day. Feel them. Find a release." - Kara

Instagram: @boundlessbykara




Sloane is a sustainable stylist, journalist and an activist. She will help you cleanse your closet so that you're left with the items that make you look and feel amazing. She'll even help you set up an account to re-sell your unwanted items. What makes Sloane stand out is her honesty and transparency when it comes to her journey with sustainable fashion. If you scroll through her Instagram, you'll see that sometimes she posts clothing from fast fashion brands. She advocates wearing every item we've purchased for as long as possible, whether it's fast or slow fashion. Sometimes we slip up and buy a fast fashion item. Let's not punish ourselves or beat ourselves up. We love this transparency, because this is reality!! Keep it up babe.

"I only say this to encourage anyone considering buying more ethically: you don’t have to aim for perfection, at first or ever! If you even cut down on your fast fashion purchases by 25%, that’s STILL progress. If you’re even thinking twice before purchasing an item, yep, still progress." - Sloane

Blog: The Sloane Ranger Instagram: @sloanerangerstyle


Jaana Lotsman 

Jaana lotsman

Jaana describes herself as a vintage soul and a creative minimalist. She's passionate about sustainability, veganism, and fashion. On her Instagram and blog, she shares her experiences with sustainable fashion, and how we should approach it through love and commitment to the planet we're lucky to call home. Check out her blog - her posts about Valentine's Day are really insightful and eye-opening. Don't forget to read her posts about her beautiful travels through India too. We love your style Jaana, keep it coming!!

Being sustainable is a love letter to Planet Earth, it’s a commitment with which you really essentially pull your own weight as an earthling. Sustainability means making  mindful and thought-out choices in your everyday life of consumption. It means to produce, purchase and use any product in a way that creates minimal impact to the environment.” - Jaana

Blog: Agnes In Me Instagram: @agnesinme  


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Emma & Shannon


The #AdeeraWomen series is where we bring together strong, empowered women who are taking a stance against the fast fashion industry. If you know more women that should be featured in our #AdeeraWomen series, comment below and let us know!  

February 26, 2019 — Emma Reynolds

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