5 Celebrities you didn’t know support sustainable fashion

I’d argue that Celebrities are the biggest influencers in the world in today’s day in age. They’re becoming more and more involved in humanitarian issues, politics, and global sustainability.

We’re all guilty of following the lead of celebrities especially when it comes to fashion (me included, I mean anything Gigi Hadid does I’m basically obsessed). And I know in the sustainable fashion world it seems there may not be as many options as there are in fast fashion which makes it harder to follow the lead when it comes to trends. However, the only way we’re going to change that is by making a conscious effort to shop smart and make people aware that there are options! Let’s take a page out of these five celebrities’ books who are making a change in the fashion world:


Emma Watson Sustainable fashion

Emma Watson

The poster girl for sustainable fashion, Emma Watson leads the pack, continuously sporting sustainable pieces to premiers and events. Including, every outfit on her press tour for beauty and the beast. She even collaborated with the costume designer on the movie to make all the costumes out of recycled or vintage fabric*!  I mean, the girl wore an up cycled dress to the Met Gala, I’m pretty sure that makes her the queen of sustainable fashion.


Gwyneth Paltrow Sustainable Fashion

Gwyneth Paltrow

We all know the GOOP creator supports health and wellness, so it’s fitting that sustainable fashion is included in that. She previously collaborated with sustainable fashion brand, Amour Vert to create a limited time collection for the GOOP site. The line of shirts were all made from silk low impact dies and wood pulp fibres**. While some of her GOOP supported products may be on the pricier side, she’s definitely  making a push towards greener fashion and we love that!


Michell Obama Sustainable Fashion 

Michelle Obama

This powerhouse is looked up to by, well basically everyone, and it’s understandable because she’s a badass genius and the perfect role model. She makes a conscious effort to re-wear  looks instead of throwing them away, and we all know she has the connections to wear a new piece every day. So it makes us love her even more for her efforts.


Jessica Alba Sustainable Fashion 

Jessica Alba

Oh the gorgeous Jessica Alba. Not only gorgeous, but conscious too… eco-conscious. With her company ‘The Honest Company’ Alba sells a variety of eco conscious products of the baby and beauty variety. She said it best when she said “ Every little thing that all of us do will make a difference and make an impact.” We definitely agree!


Pharrell Williams Sustainable Fashion  

Pharrell Williams

He’s a fashion icon for sure, and the musician is also trying to make a difference. He created a fabric company called Bionic Yarn which uses recovered plastic in its fibres to create quality fabrics. He also teamed up with Woolworths, a South African department store to create sustainable clothing lines using fabrics from Bionic Yarn.

For us, chasing sustainable fashion is a no brainer, I mean why wouldn’t you want to make a positive change in an industry that is so hard on the planet. And, we’re not saying that we need to completely switch to sustainable fashion… we’re not all millionaires (although vintage shopping is also bomb and helps to save a buck!) and we can’t change in the blink of an eye. But what we are saying is that it’s important to be aware. These celebrities are making an impact on the fashion world and we hope they rub off on all of us at least a little bit as well.

Have a beautiful day.






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September 08, 2018 — Shannon Hall

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